Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A blog I hope to stick with.

Since graduation college with a degree in Art Education- it has been amazing of how many questions are still unanswered. You would think my four years of studying to become an art teacher would have developed a solid argument of why everyone should give art a chance. When in reality I am still trying to figure that out. Don't get me wrong- I do have some good reasons, but I think now that I don't have professors, student colleagues and a university to fall back on that I am realizing I am it. I am the one who will face students, parents, communities and school boards all asking the same question of, "What does Art do for society and my life?"

My goal with this blog is to simply stick with it. Because if I am faithful in posting on this blog, then that means I am being faithful in finding the answers to my own questions.

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